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Four Rules for Success (feel free to take notes): never borrow more than your IQ times a hundred, never borrow from a man who calls you by your first name on first acquaintance, never take a drink while the sun's still up, and never take a partner you wouldn't be willing to embrace naked on a waterbed.
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When someone mentions Grands vins de Bordeaux or Grand cru de Bordeaux he is talking about 5 great red wines that come from Médoc and Graves (see the map later in this article). The estates that produce these wines are classified as  Premier grand cru classe, meaning they are first class estates, which also means their wines are top quality ones. 

These wines are ‘the most’ in many respects:

- the most expensive
- the most famous and sought after by wine collectors
- the most reliable investment (if you buy wine to sell it later)
- the most fit for aging. 

Below you will find the brief ABC style outline of the core facts relating to the five greats. Then we’ll look at the map to connect quality with geography.

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