And this is his little trick

Four Rules for Success (feel free to take notes): never borrow more than your IQ times a hundred, never borrow from a man who calls you by your first name on first acquaintance, never take a drink while the sun's still up, and never take a partner you wouldn't be willing to embrace naked on a waterbed.
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New iPad wallpaper: coffee and wine

Сен 13, Author: Alex | Category: articles, english

coffee and wine premium ipad wallpaper

Ok, we’ve got a new kid in our constantly growing collection of premium iPad wallpaper. This time it’s a sort of a cabin with maps and spice scattered on the table. As you might know, coffee played an important role in wine history. For it became a major wine competitor (along with cocoa and tea introduced to Europe all around the same time in 17th century). To sustain the competition wine makers had to learn to produce better wines. The ones we drink now surfing the web with  iPad…