And this is his little trick

Four Rules for Success (feel free to take notes): never borrow more than your IQ times a hundred, never borrow from a man who calls you by your first name on first acquaintance, never take a drink while the sun's still up, and never take a partner you wouldn't be willing to embrace naked on a waterbed.
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Robert Parker’s predictions

Сен 27, Author: Alex | Category: articles, english

Robert Parker: «But I believe that even with all these new producers, the saturation point will not be reached, since ever greater numbers of the world’s population will demand wine as their alcoholic drink of choice.»

robert-parkerIn 2004 Robert Parker came up with 12 predictions regarding wine world of the nearest future (until 2015). The leaders, the losers, what would happen to France, Spain and the New World. Wine trade, prices, consumer trends, packaging, wine on the Internet — it was all there, in his 12 commandments.
Well, half of the time has passed. And any news and trends-wise wine drinker can confirm that in many of his points the wine guru was right. In some sense he predicted ‘the rise’ of Gary Vee whose interview (below) Parker’s predictions are funny to compare with: